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About me

Greetings y'all, I'm a stand-up comedian and actor turned games academic turned professional DM and I've been playing/running TTRPGS (mostly 5e) since I was a wee lad of twelve. I've spent the last year running four concurrent Curse of Strahd campaigns for about twenty of my friends, as well as some custom one-shots. Here's what they've said about me: "Nathan is very good at responding to feedback and adjusting gameplay and tone to better fit whatever our group wanted to do. Everywhere we went in Barovia Nate deftly peopled with memorable, engaging, and charming NPCs that were just fun to interact instead of the usual cast of forgettable shop keeps, guards, and villains." - Nancy M. "Nathan took the time to help new players in our group learn the ropes-- he met with us over zoom to help with character creation and continued to patiently explain and reexplain rules and mechanics over the next year." A. Cooperman "Playing over Zoom or Roll20 is tough. Nathan did a tremendous job providing high stakes, moments of tension, sadness, humor, excitement, and satisfaction throughout our sessions. Even when we couldn't play for weeks, Nathan was awesome with reestablishing the tone without missing a beat and that helped all of us stay engaged." C. de Mari "They let us resurrect a European house music themed queer silver dragon who had been dead for a few hundred years and really knocked the associated lighting and soundtrack out of the park. His German accent could use some work, but their pun game is on point." - D. Carr "Nathan made me grossed out by an NPC who got turned into soup... over zoom... and I make model human organs for horror movies in my spare time." - D. Schlosser "Nathan is a great DM! He created a space that was comfortable, flexible, and fun, and it was especially beneficial for first-time players." - B. Bove Whew! Back to me: I can run regular campaigns or one-offs, but my specialty is running custom games tailor-made for individual groups of players. Drop me a line and let's roll some dice!

GM style

In terms of style I tend to opt for a button down and headphones, but my hair has a mind of its own. Seriously, I'm all for character work and roleplaying, except for the several recurring combat-centric sessions I run. (Roleplay, humor, voices, improvisation, exploration.)


Player reviews (6)

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