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About me

Heyo! I'm a professional game master with 10+ years of experience running tabletop roleplaying games and I absolutely love to introduce new players to this awesome community! I recently discovered StartPlaying, but I've been running D&D and Pathfinder 2e adventures using virtual tabletops for almost my whole GMing career. I specialize in running immersive and engaging TTRPG games online by using FoundryVTT and by incorporating custom animations, sound effects, and ambience. If you're looking for a GM who is dedicated to giving you an awesome fantasy roleplaying experience and committed to putting you in a session where your decisions affect the game as a whole, then I'm your guy! I hope to run a game for you sometime in the future!

GM style

I am a professional, friendly, and extremely passionate GM. I love the storytelling and creative aspect of tabletop RPGs, and I love introducing new players to the fantastic world of fantasy roleplaying. It is my goal as the GM to give my players amazing and memorable experiences. To give you an awesome virtual roleplaying experience, I use the following tools: 🎲 D&D Beyond compendiums & Pathbuilder 2e for character creation. πŸ“‘ Foundry VTT hosted by Foundry Server. πŸ’Ύ Mods that add 3D dice, animations, automation, and more. 🎧 Awesome sound effects and music used to create immersion. 🎀 Realistic NPCs with distinct voices and characteristics. πŸŒ„ Detailed descriptions of environments and use of visual aids. I run my games roughly based around these percentages: 20% exploring, 40% roleplaying, & 40% fighting. πŸ—ΊοΈ Exploration (in my humble opinion) should not be the entire focus of a campaign, unless of course that is the theme for the campaign. Normally in my sessions I provide a world or regional map with a marker on it for where the players are currently at, however the map doesn't show everything that's in that area. Some things remain hidden and are waiting to be discovered (either by accident or because a quest leads the party there). 🎭 Roleplaying is something that is integral to most TTRPGs. In my sessions, I highly encourage the players to try and immerse themselves in their character by using a different accent/tone when they speak as them. I find this drastically makes the game more fun, and it can clear up some confusion when speaking "out of game" or "in game." As the GM, I roleplay every NPC and try to give them each something that distinguishes them apart from each other, whether that be a different accent, mannerisms, or tone. βš”οΈ I like to think that roleplaying doesn't end when combat begins, I believe it is enhanced. How would your character cast this spell? How would your character land the finishing blow? How would your character react to your friend getting knocked unconscious? These are questions I like to pose to the player to further enhance combat. I don't like doing simple combat by saying things like "that hits" or "that misses" and leave it at that. I like to describe player actions and add flare to combat. I also like to make my players think tactically in combat. Not all encounters can easily be solved by simply attacking something until it dies, and some encounters should be fled rather than fought.


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