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About me

I am a storytelling DM, believing that the roles the players bring to the table are the most important part of the game. I enjoy mysteries and intrigue with the fantasy to bring out the creative use of equipment, attacks, and spells that make the encounters shine. I believe that immersive campaigns blend the player's backstories into the main story, creating interesting and memorable characters. After all, the story is about the characters and what we write together at the table, and not just words written from a book. I began playing and running games in 1984 and that experience has exposed me to many different game systems over the years. I tend to run a game in the system that best suits the setting, and I love to run my own content and stories. I create immersion before we get to Session Zero, and maintain a group connection with lore and in-character conversations between sessions to maintain story and character development that goes beyond weekly games. I use the Roll20 VTT with free sessions to teach the tool for online game play. Discord is my preferred audio tool as it also allows for lore and chat channels for the group to use to keep in touch between sessions. I supply many additional resources that are above the basics, and you will never have a cookie-cutter game experience at my table. I represent multiple developers by running their games and content at Gen Con, Gary Con, and other national conventions, as well as within my own online community. I am proudly representing Kobold Press to run Project Black Flag games again at Gen Con in 2024. I have done podcasts and streams about my gaming style, to speak to how it works when I create a learning environment in my groups and games. This year, I have launched my own game company, Moon Gate Exploration Co. that will bring custom settings and campaigns to the published game space. I have groups that have stayed and played together for 3+ years, proving that this type of immersive game development strengthens our gaming and personal communities, one table at a time. I am excited about taking you on these journeys, and introducing new players to our games. Teaching and mentoring through the story is my passion, and I will always take the time to show how the Rule of Cool really lets players explore the space and bring more cowbell.

GM style

I love role play over roll play, with voices and NPC personalities that entertain at my table. I have NPC's that make cameos across games and settings as they are loved by the players. They become an inside joke, and I love to reinvent them in new places. I am currently running independent adventures by Dragonbane, Gooey Cube, Vaesen Nordic & Celtic Folklore, & some Homebrew Horror.


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