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About me

Hello! My name is Naga, a GM with 8 years of experience. Being in the player seat at the beginning was fun but soon I had an interest in GMing. To my surprise, it's a lot more enjoyable than I ever thought it'd be! Since starting, I have found myself getting more and more into it. According to my friends and players, I am someone who can weave a great story with a world that is truly living. Being able to cooperate with my players to create unique story and experience that they can recall years later and still enjoy is one thing I strive for as a GM.

GM style

I am a very flexible GM who is highly adaptable and responsive to players' actions. Improv is one of my fortes; whatever the players wish to pursue, I can accomodate for and weave it into the story. Roleplay is something I love to see, and I reward smart thinking and tactical decisions in combat. If you are new player, worry not. I have worked to introduce the systems I run, or TTRPG as a whole, to a number of players before, and would be more than happy to help you learn. I prefer high fantasy and dark fantasy settings, but I can run any number of settings, including horror, sci-fi, modern, and more and have experience running them. As well, I can run a number of different styles of game; a traditional adventure with balanced combat and roleplay, a dungeon crawl, a game of intrigue, or a base-building/management game to name a few examples. Session 0 for the group to get to know each other and the first session of the game are always free!


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