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About me

I'm a ministry student, writer, and small-time farmer in rural New England. Author of the paranormal fantasy webserial Tall Tales, and Christian theology blogger posting as The Worst Baptist. My interest in the paranormal, mythology, and religion shows through in a lot of my stories, as I borrow themes and settings from stories people have passed down to help make the game world more relatable. I started playing tabletop games in high school (late 2000) to develop my storytelling skills and view the experience of collective storytelling as the most important aspect of playing or running a campaign. As such, I am focused on giving players a very interactive and complex world, and the freedom to explore and change it. I tend to build fairly open-world settings and encourage players to test what they can and can't do with it. I have never played as a GM in a module I didn't personally design. I enjoy working with players to develop a world and story that we all feel we contributed to! I believe the rules of the system and my role as a GM exist to facilitate a positive experience of the game, and will therefore entertain notions of shifting or turning a blind eye to rules when it serves the greater purpose of the story; a very compelling argument, or just a really cool idea that will improve the experience for everyone, will usually win me over. My view of GMing is fundamentally cooperative. I'm not working to ruin all your plans or kill all your characters, I am working with you to craft a story. A good story needs challenges, and I intend to challenge you, but will always aim to have those challenges improve the experience for everyone. If you walk away from the game feeling like you just helped write a novel that you can take pride in, I feel I've done my job.

GM style

As a GM, I aim to facilitate collective storytelling. I will lean heavily into presenting you opportunity to explore your characters and the setting, track the consequences of your actions, and maintain a robust world for you to engage. I take pride in my ability to track the actions of background characters when players aren't looking, so they feel like they have their own stories going on when the party ends up engaging them.


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