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About me

I'm Jeff, mild-mannered computer programmer by day and nerd by night! I have run TTRPGs for over 35 years. I've played and/or GMed everything from D&D (1E, 2E, 3E, 5E) to Pathfinder/Starfinder to FATE to Champions/HERO to Savage Worlds to Free League at one time or another. My goal is to provide a game that is fun, challenging, and welcoming, regardless of system and regardless of player background and experience. (I'm the Wookie in the pic, BTW.)

GM style

I tailor my GM approach to the players. If you enjoy role-playing, I provide you with opportunities to interact with interesting non-player characters. If you prefer "rollplaying," I give you challenging scenarios and enemies to battle. If you're a lore junkie, I make sure you get to explore the world with all its mysteries and backstory. I usually run 3-4 hour sessions with a group of 3-5 players who are looking for a good time. Knowledge of the game system is not a prerequisite. Professionally, I tend to run existing adventures and adaptations of the same, but I'm up to experimenting with more open worlds with repeat players. I can run one-shots, campaigns/adventure paths, or a multi-day game-a-thon as you wish. I currently run most of my games on Roll20 with Discord for voice, though I'm picking up Foundry pretty quickly. If entering other worlds and having a great time there interests you, why not send me a message? I'd love to meet you!

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