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Hey everybody! I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for the past 5 years solely as the Dungeon Master, with 4 campaigns under my belt and experience as an actor. I bring everything I've learned in life from my time in the military to my life as a tradesmen to the table. As well as a plethora of unique characters with original voices and personalities. I treat every world my players inhabit as a living breathing ecosystem. With enemies to face and puzzles to solve, I guarantee that you will be asking for just one more hour. So please just just let me know what module you wanna play or if you prefer a homebrew, I can do that to. Also, though I prefer D&D, if you have another game you would want to try, I would be willing to learn it. So let's get started!

GM style

My style is definitely theater of the mind, roleplay heavy, combat medium, puzzles low. I am firm believer that using minis and battle maps can bog down the game and slow the pace to were players might become bored. I maintain a very fast paced combat system. Sometimes we have gone through multiple combat encounters in a single four hour session. The point is I am pretty good at it and you will have no problem catching on quick. I have a pretty strong grasp of my mental battle map. It might seem strange at first, but even the most complicated map can be made simple by asking questions, listening intently, and using your memory to act out a plan between turns. Aside from that, I believe that no VTT can produce the same quality of a scene that the imagination can do in the time it takes to merely utter the descriptive words. Though if you would like something like that. I would be happy to oblige. I am proficient with Fantasy Grounds since it provides the best experience in my opinion as far as VTT's are concerned. Though definitely Theater of the Mind is still the best as far as I am concerned.

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