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DM Hogan

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TTRPG Player for 10 Years Completed 4 full campaigns (level 1 to 20) and a few smaller ones. My favorite Campain to run isa homebrewed world I created. I currently run a Majoras Mask dnd 5e game with some friends and started recording for a with several one shots from different TTRPG. A few years ago I created a Facebook group, as I just loved DnD so much. It is currently over 100k and I couldn't be more thrilled. (Monsters and More) DM of several one shots of different TTRPG Hosted Over 200 games Brings  *Fun story's to Players, Makes it fun and sometimes deadly depending on what players want. Death is always a possibility *Every story is  different. I am a huge fan of creating or modifying stories and dungeons for a new experiance *Compelling, collaborative storytelling. I am quick and adaptive and rarely railroad players. I want you to create the story in a world I made. *Immersive role-playing and tactical combat to the table. *Huge fan of theater of the mind. I strive to make everyone stand out and challenge the party in fun ways *I am always excited to learn new games. *I love homebrewed. I love running free/cheap games, as I enjoy playing them as much as you :) *NPC voice. Im not great but trying to get better :) Please let me know if you have any questions. Beginners are usually my favorite players, but experts are fun and challenging as well(for the good) If you want to try a one shot of a game, just ask. If I don't know the rules I can learn:)

GM style

Fun and challenging. Adaptive to all types. My goal is we all have fun to be successful. Actions have consequences and thinking out of the box with some RP is always fun. I will try voices...I am not the best. But if you laugh I laugh and we all have fun. Memories are made at the table Love you all


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