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About me

Hi! My name is Dalton Clark and welcome to my DM Homepage!!! -STUFF ABOUT ME- Professional DM of 5 years. Improv Master and I'm always on my toes, ready for any over-the-top antics you can think of. Creator of 3 homebrew settings with more to come. Can work with ages 6+ with 3 years of various child education experience. Volunteer DM at the Golden Game Guild in Golden CO (Stop by for One-Shot Wednesdays!!!) LGBT+ friendly No Bigotry Allowed Lover of Cats (Ask to see me babies Chimi & Tappi) Currently focused on running One-Shots but, when time permits, will branch out into running Campaigns. I use the following resources (depending on player preferences): - Discord - Owlbear Rodeo Feel free to join the Channel! I post schedules for future one-shots and campaigns! *If you're in the Denver/Boulder area and wish to commission me for a one-shot or a campaign please reach out to ( )

GM style

For my Campaigns, I love creating very story-driven adventures with various twists and turns. I really enjoy it when players really get into their characters and use improvisation to help build these various worlds. Because of this my sessions can be role-play heavy, BUT when we do get into combat I know how to spice things up ;) For my One-Shots, I mostly rely on pre-written modules that I find from other writers such as DMDave (if you're a DM I recommend checking out their work). However, if you and your friends are interested in something one-of-a-kind like High-Level adventures, Specialized Scenarios, or Large Scale Combat let me know! I'm happy to create something custom for you and your friends! I've also hosted small-scale sessions for kid clubs and after-school programs so if you have a child who is interested feel free to reach out. I'll probably publish some kid-friendly(PG) sessions about once or twice a month so keep an eye out. I do use the Red/Yellow/Green light analogy to monitor player comfort. Player Rules & Expectations will be reviewed at the start of any One-Shot or Campaign.

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