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About me

My name is J and I have always had a love for fantasy worlds. I have been a long time player of tabletop games and rpgs. I love crafting personalized side quests and intricate npcs. I'm a big fan of D&D, Vampire the Masquerade and Call of Cthulu. I love providing my players with dark worlds and seeing how their characters react and make descisions. Ultimately I'm just looking to have fun with some like minded players and give them my own interpretations of some awesome campaigns. I'm a big fan of Gothic and Eldritch horror and i love using these inspirations in my own modules. I have a passion for darker campaigns and I enjoy injecting my own creations into them. My campaigns contain a large amount of modifications and homebrew that should provide you with a grittier, darker and more terrifying experience. I find that consequences are important to make a game world feel real and organic. Its also important to me that we form a shared story together as a group and I like the party to be in control of the narrative direction. My worlds will react and change based on your characters actions. Sometimes good intentions bring horrible consequences so be prepared. My game style tends to be about 60% roleplay and 40% combat. I try to run challenging but fair combat. I want you to feel like your resources matter and give you a reason to use all those potions your saving for the last boss.

GM style

I'm a roleplay lover and I really enjoy creating intricate NPCS with back stories you will probably never truly discover. I do my best to provide unique voices to important characters and I'm totally comfortable having sessions that are 100% roleplay between players and NPCs. I will also be working in the shadows to tie your PC into the world and story. I do this to insure you feel like you are part of the game world instead of just visiting. I prefer player driven campaigns where you have the freedom to dictate the direction the campaign will move in. If you come up with something you want to do that I'm not prepared for I'm excellent at improving and keeping the story moving. I'm very flexible and if you want an epic battle one session and a roleplay heavy session next, I can easily accomidate. You can expect each game I run to be very different even within the same modules. Please never feel like you have to stick to the rails during one of my campaigns. I like to provide my players with tactical combat opportunities and I also expect you to have to manage your resources. You will need tactics to deal with much of the threats I'm going to throw at you and I heavily reward thinking out of the box. Smart enemies will be using tactics against you and leveraging their strengths. I will also be using a lot of homebrew monsters and items to help improve the difficulty of combat. Ultimately my combat may come across as hard but it is very fair.

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