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About me

Are you bored with having played the same scenario over and over again? Are you bored with playing in a world where you know all the lore, and there is nothing for you to learn with the wide-eyed wonder of a character from the countryside hitting the city for the first time? Do you still love a dynamic world with its history still going on around you and that you have an actual chance to change small, big or even worldwide things that don't then change major elements of any number of official sourcebooks? Well, hello, I am here to offer games that hopefully alleviate any of the issues in all the above questions. I am a GM with 35 years of experience. I also favour long campaigns over short, with my longest being almost 6 years, and most of my campaigns lasting atleast 8 months to a year. I find that this allows players to achieve high levels whilst still starting at low levels, and so most of their character's backstories tend to actually come from their gametime rather than before their characters start. When they regale others with stories of what has happened to their characters, its mostly from actual gametime. I have also got experience in running these campaigns in a number of different systems and game worlds. Some of my faves are Mage: The Ascension, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu and D&D BECMI (Basic/Expert/Companion/Master/Immortal) set from the 1980s. However, my most recent games have almost all been in D&D 5e. I do love this system, and from what I see in the many videos and comments I read, many of you feel the same. I have a world which I set most of my adventures in. This world is homebrew, and has been worked on (on and off) for almost 30 years. Its been an absolute labour of love to update it every time I commit to a new edition, but for me its worth it. I love the challenge of it. However, I am not too precious over it, instead I relish the effect that players have on its history, events and political and geographical nature of it. I look forward to sharing this world with any of you that would like to try me as their guide, storyteller, referee and collaborator.

GM style

So, hopefully you are not nodding off yet, so if you can just stay with me for a few lines more, I just want to give you a rough idea of my GMing style. Firstly, I tend to play relatively Rules as Written. However, (especially for full campaigns) I do have a few home-rulings and am very happy to discuss further home-rulings that my players may want to incorporate. I like using rules because it allows both myself as GM and my players to operate within a game structure that allows them some consistency and restrictions that they are aware of and can try and work within (or cleverly circumvent). I am so happy when my players can use the rules creatively, or exploit them cleverly and fairly. It allows me to celebrate their ingenuity and imagination with them. Secondly, my main focus is on story. Not just the story that I present to the players (which is mostly by providing a living and breathing reactive world for them to play about in), but also from the story that they tell me. One of these reasons I love this hobby is that as DM I get to meet characters that are living and breathing, characters that have the potential for real drama and perhaps even proper elements of tragedy and comedy. I really want my players to help tell me the story, and really engage in it to allow them to fully immerse themselves in the world that I am presenting to them. Finally, I love humour. I prefer humour that comes naturally from character interaction, and my campaigns are not deathly serious, but nor do I play "funny" campaigns. With the right kind of player and character buy in to the game, I find that forced humour is really not necessary. By that, I mean that I really love to see humour within the game, character and plot, etc. However, I am very happy with players having a decent amount of joking with each other and enjoying each other's company whilst playing. This is a social entertainment, after all. I do, however, insist that any humour is not cruel, unfair, enforcing prejudices or socially unacceptable views. For me, if my players are thinking of everyone else's enjoyment in an equal measure to their own - then for the most part they are welcome at my table. So, if you see a game of mine up, and you fancy a try of my own, unique style of gaming, then please feel free to join me in helping me to tell stories that will live in the legends of your, my and everyone's TTRPG myths and legends. Looking forward to seeing you at the table, may the dice be ever your friends.

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