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About me

Hello! I’m glad you’re here. I’m Morgan – a professional DM, passionate gamer, and lover of all things that positively nurture the human experience. With over 15 years of dnd experience, I’ve helped players from all walks of life learn to express themselves through stories while having fun and building connections. My background in acting, creative writing, public speaking, and human development is evidenced by the imaginative, creative co-operative game I build with you. Message me and let's get started! The collaborative elements of telling a nuanced, creative, and personal story together with others has been the drive and focus of my games ever since I started DMing. My games have heavy focus on narrative expression, inter-personal relationships, and personalized player experience as opposed to the shoe-horn style of making players fit into specific boxes to fit the campaign. Why not build a campaign around the players than have players build around the campaign? Though there is a level of nostalgia with pre-made modules, my love for the game really shines in world building and homebrew. I've been homebrewing my game worlds since I began DMing. It is truly where I, and my players, flourish.

GM style

I am an avid lover of roleplay, narrative focus, and inter-personal relationships. Most of my games involve a story backdrop tailored to my players backstories so that EVERYONE has a place in the world and has appropriate motives and hooks to drive their vision of their character forward. I'm no stranger to crunchy and challenging combat, though I typically favor dramatic elements as opposed to being an adversarial DM. Although, if you certainly WANT me to try and kill your character I can ;) You'll find that most of my games have heavy themes of existentialism, deep personal exploration, empathic and moral based choices and dilemmas, and grand epics that highlight your characters as beings of mythos and legend. Though I do not do a variety of voices, as I'm not a voice actor, I do my best to help distinguish NPCs with voice and description, provide visuals, handouts, ambient music, and Virtual Table top elements as well to enhance the feel and immersion of gameplay. All of my games are LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming. This is non-negotiable as I believe everyone has a seat at the table.


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