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Greetings adventurers! My name is Mordechai (he/him) and I have been DMing in one way or another for decades in various gaming systems. I have a background in theater/improv, love to roleplay and do fun dialects. I’m a fairly laid back DM and enjoy allowing players to explore unique concepts, builds and even some homebrew. I offer chances players to give me feedback after each session on their experience in private via Discord in an effort to improve my DMing skills. Onward to glory!

GM style

I love to roleplay, perform character voices and I'm a big fan of maps and tactical combat. If players provide me with my background questionnaire, I bring their own ideas into the narrative based on their past and future goals. Some sessions will be heavily focused on social opportunities or stealthy operations, and others around combat and item acquisition. I often get temp checks or conduct votes for my players to get an idea on the types of things they would like to see at the table. I also enjoy between-session downtime roleplay via Discord play by post to help flesh out characters.

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