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Hello there, adventurers! I am Montis (pron.: MON-tiss) and I'm a long time Game Master. I am relatively new to the world of paid GMing but have GM'd for friends for over a decade, sometimes up to three times per week. When I was a kid I didn't want to become an astronaut or a pilot ... No, I wanted to be an actor! And when I discovered roleplaying as a young adult which enables me to be one - even at a basic level - I was instantly sold on the hobby. Now it is many years later and many hundred sessions under my belt and I'm still falling in love with RPGs more and more every time I play. Inclusivity is very important to me, so I welcome any and all individuals to my games, regardless of gender identity, nationality, skin type, size, etc. And while German is my own native language, I am highly fluent in English and have lived in Ireland for over a decade.

GM style

I love everything about roleplaying. In-character play, making voices and sounds, tactical combat, creating immersive and sometimes silly stories and everything in-between and around it. Yes, I like giving characters different voices and making the sound effects with my vocal instruments - I believe it gives a more personal feel to everything. Pathfinder 2E is my preferred game system as I think it creates a space for all of the above mentioned things to work together in perfect harmony. In addition, it has set rules for most things which enables me to spend more time and attention to crafting the world instead of pondering over rulings. Attention to detail is quite important to me and I like to craft or change the game worlds so they suit me and my players. I also like to have every player play an important role in the campaigns I run, therefore my games usually have a player limit of 5 so I can give everyone the spotlight they deserve while not slowing things down too much for other players. I love it if players are creative and try to find cool solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. See you in the game world!

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