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My GM style is the end result of having extensively researched and playtested Pathfinder 1E for 7 years: custom-modified stat blocks at the drop of a hat, homebrew options that leave no stone unturned, and plot points that are directly related to those tiny corner cases that surely, you'd assume, no one would bother finding a use for. If you're the type that has a myriad of character concepts that have been rattling though your head or are stuck in a file somewhere, I'm absolutely your guy.

GM style

My primary specialty is creating wild creatures and combat encounters that consistently have opponents with distinct strategies and their own win conditions; be that just "defeating" the players in whatever fashion they choose, driving them away from something, defending another creature or object, or on occasion, the type of creature that is here solely to send an exceptionally rude message. My games are a prime balance of highly dangerous encounters without becoming a "meat grinder" campaign, where you are unable to feel invested in your character as they grow and change. Outside of combat encounters, my specialty lies engaging players directly through simulating a world; every mechanic has an explanation, talking to random people should still feel like meeting a character (I'm told my voices are pretty good), and Knowledge skills quickly become the best skills for flavor in the game.

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