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I have about 2 years of experience with DMing, mostly sticking to base rules and books. I'm not shy to some homebrew and I absolutely love dealing with new players. I have quite a few oneshots stored with me that I'd love to run for some people for affordable prices! My group just took a hiatus from DnD and I figured this is a great time as any to get some experience DMing for new people, as well as making some money on the side. If there is one thing you need to know about me, is that I love rules, but I'm not against the Rule of Cool.

GM style

If I were to put it on a priority order, I'd set it like this: 1 - Crunchy Tactical Combat; 2 - Roleplay; 3 - Character Voices. These are just to name a few. Another thing I'd like to set straight from the get-go: I will not tolerate disrespect between players, I want to promote a safe space in which everyone can have fun. I'm ok with dark humor, as long as it's well placed jokes and everyone is ok with it. I personally don't like PvP, so unless all parties involved agree to it, I just won't allow it, no matter if "that's what your character would do". The same thing can be said about party betrayals and such. I'm very prone to suggest and accept certain balance changes to certain subclasses: I work on homebrew revision of certain subclasses myself, like for example the Purple Dragon Knight. These extra homebrews I'll provide for free, seeing as I'd like to do some testing myself. If you have your own suggestions, make sure to run them by me. I might not accept it as is, but we could maybe reach a compromise.

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