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Mina Guadalupe

2 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Rule of Cool

About me

Hi, my name is Mina and I'd love to be your dungeon master! I've been obsessed with TTRPGs ever since I was in college and I jumped into DMing the second I could. I love writing homebrew settings that you and I can create together as your character explores the world and helps build it. My Dungeon Master style tends to be more loose and accepting. I love homebrew (as long as it's balanced) and I love hearing everyone's different ideas! The rule of cool is my best friend so expect to see crazy and incredible things happen in my games you wouldn't see happening anywhere else. Bending the rules to allow for awesome party moments is something to expect at my table because ultimately Dungeons and Dragons is about having fun and my goal is to make sure that the table is having as much fun as possible. With my extensive background in creative writing and character creation, you should expect to meet engaging NPCs, worlds tailored just for your party, and villains you love to hate! I play with mostly newcomers (though veterans are welcome too) and have even run afterschool programs for children as young as seven. I often try my hardest to be inclusive so if you've ever been worried that you won't fit into a group because of your gender identity, disabilities, race, or sexuality, my table is open and always welcomes you! So pull up a chair at my table and let's have fun together!

GM style

PLAYSTYLE My playstyle is more loose and accepting than most Dungeon Masters. I prefer to have awesome party moments even if it means bending the rules of the game a little. Many of the parties I've run games for still talk about the epic moments they had in their campaigns even years after the games ended. I like to focus on who the party is as people and make you feel like a main character in a fantasy novel. Your character is a person to me who has their own motivations and desires. I like to create dynamic storylines where your character gets to develop and become a fully fleshed-out person. Due to this, my games usually end up being more role-play heavy with the occasional life or death fight. My games often circle around themes that I pick out for each individual campaign. Previous themes for other campaigns I've ran include: imposter syndrome, the realities of immortality, science vs. magic, and fatalism. I also like adding other elements to the story that other campaigns might not have such as death systems and elaborate pantheons. HOMEBREW Nine times out of ten my games take place in a homebrew world that I made for your characters to explore. Your backstories and suggestions get added to the world to help make it feel like something personal to you and your party. I also love to use homebrew classes, races, and items. My favorite company is Mage Hand Press. As long as the homebrew is balanced, I'm all for letting my party members use it! INCLUSIVITY AND RESPECT Respect is the number one thing that is needed at my table. I expect everyone to be kind and courteous to each other and to me. I don't allow PvP. You're all supposed to be working toward the same goal. No one should leave the table upset. My table is open to players of all identities. If you've ever felt like you didn't belong at a table because of your race, gender, sexuality, or disabilities, you're more than welcome here and I'd love to have you! THE RULE OF COOL The rule of cool is my best friend. If it's cool enough, I'll allow it to happen. If you can convince me, I'll let it happen. I prefer to play this way because it allows you to use your imagination as much as you want and it lets really epic moments happen that wouldn't happen otherwise. My table is really a "yes and" kind of table. So if that interests you, pull up a chair!

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