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Are you looking for a game that will take up rent in your daydreams at work? A game that you cannot wait to play every single week? Then I'm Mikey, nice to meet you, and I'll be your DM! I am a Dungeon Master and former D&D Youtuber and Streamer. I got into D&D about five years ago, and have been DMing almost every game I've been involved in. Over the years I've DM'd for over 60 players, and provided memorable experiences. I've run traditional modules, and homebrew, but I prefer homebrew. For me, there's nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a rainy night, typing away with music on in the background as I develop this week's session. As a former D&D Streamer/Youtuber, I have had the honor of DMing both privately and with a large audience in for Tiktok Influencers, Youtubers, and Twitch Affiliates & Partners, both for campaigns and one-shots. Due to the environment I thrived in, I really leaned into the cinematic experience that is D&D. As your DM, you could expect me to provide you with custom professional artwork of your character. You can expect really epic critical hits, and horrible and silly critical fails. You can expect a world with it's own rules and lore, with a World Anvil Page that will grow as your story unravels more.

GM style

As your DM, I'm going to give you moments where you can be a truly heroic badass, and moments that will test your character's weaknesses to the max to build development. I will guide you along serious and gripping story with whacky NPCs. When you roll a 20, while you might not always get what you specifically asked for, you can expect truly epic moments. When you roll a 1, you can expect some very silly failures that will probably have the party bursting out in laughter. I will craft a game you look forward to playing every week.

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