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About me

I've been playing tabletop RPGs since D&D's Basic and Expert boxed sets debuted in my youth. I played countless hours of AD&D in the 1980s (amongst many other TTRPGs from my local game store.) I was hooked from the moment my character Cadwin Grimhilt heroically died in a Keep on the Borderlands during a defiant last stand with a vicious troll, allowing the rest of our party to survive to fight another day. I eagerly consume escapist fantasy fiction from Tolkein, George R.R. Martin, R.A. Salvatore, Weiss & Hickman, Robert Jordan, Tad Williams, Terry Brooks, Robert E Howard, Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss, and others. I've enjoyed MMOs since EverQuest and explored most CRPGs from Baldur's Gate to Skyrim. I returned to 5e and have been thoroughly enjoying the online format for high adventure fun and collaborative storytelling. I enjoy D&D as shared imaginative storytelling. Infinite possibility constrained only by player imagination and given structure through dice and rules (though I treat rules more as guidelines and prioritize immersion, fun, and fiction so we can have a fast-moving epic adventure focused on role-play and heroic combat.) I do my best to adapt the story to the wishes of the players, incorporating their unique backstories, including something for all playstyles and ensuring an opportunity for each player to shine. My role models include Matt Mercer, B. Dave Walters, and Brennon Lee Mulligan (storytelling, role-playing), Matt Colville (pacing, strategic combat), and Mike Shea aka Sly Flourish (scenario design/modification and game preparation). My games are beginner friendly. I'm happy to welcome players new to this fantastic hobby by guiding you through character creation and the online format. Roleplaying is strongly encouraged - not that you have to speak in elaborate accents, more that you inhabit your character in the world and make decisions as they would under the given circumstances. Will you join me?

GM style

Stylistically, I skew toward gritty, grimdark sword and sorcery tales in an unforgiving dark and dangerous world. An emergent narrative arising from our gameplay...with a tablespoon of the OSR stirred in. I believe players should be placed in situations where they have to make difficult decisions and (as in life) the choices they make have consequences - affecting the world and NPCs. Higher stakes make for nail-biting moments, holding your breath rolling dice, and being ecstatic when your plans work and your character rises to the occasion.

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