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About me

I'm Batman.... if Batman was a gig worker by day, and a nerd/artist/GM/Minipainter by night... yeah. That is a horrible analogy. Hello, I’m Mike! I’ve been a DM for over 20 years now, running long term campaigns, one-shot sessions, and everything in between. I’m really into creating an immersive experience with visuals, digital tools, images and more. I’ve been playing in and running online games for years now. I run stories with strong themes, tough choices, and where the players truly feel a part of their setting, with decisions with real outcomes. My players will take something away from every campaign. Session Zeros are very important for me because they set the tone and expectations for the players before the game has begun. I also have 25+ years experience with tabletop miniature gaming, skirmish and wargaming. This crosses over into TTRPG combat scenarios well, as they will be very visually dynamic. Lots of opportunities for the players to do cool crazy shit aside from saying "I hit with my sword".

GM style

Crazy settings that are straight out of your imagination. NPC interactions that range from hilarious comedy to dark, serious intensity. Atmosphere. Handouts, inspirational images, sounds, etc to create true immersion. Combat situations where tactics, thinking, and teamwork will win the day. A virtual table where everyone is welcome and ideas, personalities, and differences are accepted and appreciated. Lots of help and opportunity for growth and experimentation. I welcome players who are enthusiastic about having fun and working together. All this and more...


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