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About me

I am an arts fundraiser, musician and poet with an acting background who has been playing Dungeons&Dragons on and off since I was a kid. I look at TTRPG's as an art form, especially the ongoing group narrative aspect, and am excited to be the catalyst for other peoples enjoyment of this great game. I'm relatively new at GM'ing, but am absolutely obsessed with bringing the best experience I can to any table I run.

GM style

I love to tell stories and set the stage for players to make their own memorable, vivid and enjoyable experiences and feel that the time was well spent. I try to really flesh out the NPC's (non player characters), battles, and the rolling narrative of the adventure with good descriptions, improvisation and unique and nuanced personas. Role-play is as important in my games as the dungeon diving, but I love a good battle too. I like to use rules for travel, rations, fatigue and other existence mechanics...but try to do it in a way that doesn't take up too much time during the campaign. I want a bit of realism, but it still has to be fun. If players in any particular game don't like some of the mechanics I use, I am open to changing them to meet the needs of my groups. Fun, immersion, and a real sense of place and depth of experience are my top goals as a game master.

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