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🎙Professional Voice Actor🎙 🎭Theatre Degree (NOT a waste!)🎭 🏳️‍🌈 Queer and Neurodivergent Safe Table 🏳️‍🌈 📚 Narrative Focus/Beginner Friendly! 📚 I love telling stories that last in the minds of everyone who gets to hear, and creating opportunities that allow players to make the most memorable moments! Let's tell a story together! And while we're at it, maybe slay a dragon! Or seduce a werewolf. You know who you are.

GM style

- Diverse characters with fun voices and quirky personalities. - ROLEPLAY highly encouraged with player choices affecting the world in Big and small ways - COMBAT is given meaningful challenges that don't devolve into taking turns hacking away at each other for thirty minutes. - PUZZLES are never pointless time-filler and always have a solution that can be reached without rolling (though a skill check always helps) I employ a Story-First direction and the enjoyment of my players comes first, especially if that enjoyment of the story comes from safely exploring darker or heavier themes. Expect with every game to laugh, cry, and have ways to shine and be the hero (or villain) you've always dreamt of being! With rules conflict I tend to err on the side of the players' success, with rule of cool enhancing RAW, as opposed to working against it. Safety tools are a must, and I insist that time be devoted to establishing boundaries at session zero.


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