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Cid S.
Game Designer

Less than a year on StartPlaying


38 games hosted


Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, World Builder


Average response time: 2 hours


Response rate: 100%

About me

A foul mouthed asshole that's been running TTRPGs for over 20 years and loving every second of it. I got my start playing with a bunch of grognards and, as a result, I bring an old school sensibility to new school rules. Expect my games to be bloody, brutal, and victory STUPID satisfying when you finally claw yourselves out of the depths of a dungeon covered in BLOOD AND GLORY!

GM style

My Philosophy | Strive to cultivate a safe, fun, creative, immersive experience for everyone at my table and a safe space for people of all walks of life. I'm an adamant supporter of player agency - your choices matter! I'm also very open to a variety of builds and homebrew rules - hey, let's try it and if it doesn't work out, no harm no foul. I treat everyone equally and fairly, and try to make the best and most logical rulings possible, even if they suck for everyone involved. I work with the players to solve the challenges and earn their stripes as veteran dungeon crawlers and have many exciting and memorable stories to tell. While I do have a reputation for having an incredibly high player kill rate, believe it or not, I WANT you to succeed. But I also want you to earn it. - What I Run | I am a major fan of violence, complex characters, gruesome creatures, and a generally grim atmosphere. But I'm not beyond running a cozy life sim or magical girl story either. My favorite genres are grimdark, horror, and fantasy so many of my stories end up being thoughtful and analytical reflections of the themes of the campaign. I frequently tackle themes like overcoming great adversity, morality in a gray world, power, sacrifice, loss, legacy, and destiny... And some really bad dad jokes for good measure. - Voice Games | We use discord and I provide music, ambience, and some SFX. I also provide reference photos, maps, and backgrounds to help make the game as immersive as possible! Camera's AREN'T required, but are appreciated. - Play-By-Post Games | We use discord and a dice roller bot - a sandbox game with epic group quests sprinkled in-between! I have nearly 20 years of experience running and crafting these types of games, so get your writin' fingers ready for some action!

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