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Tyler Lindsey-Delise

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Highly rated for: Inclusive, Knows the Rules, Storytelling

About me

Writing is one of the most rewarding creative outlet that I have ever had in my life. Albeit mostly with short stories that I basically write to myself and save on my computers. However, with that came tabletop gaming, starting at a young age my passion was not to just write stories for myself, but for others. To give them the chance to feel that excitement and energy at the cost of being able to be the one behind the curtain making these events happen. I find myself in a lucky position in life due to various life circumstances to even get to attempt to do this, to run games online for people, but not just for people, but to be dedicated to them. My preferred stories aren't the kind of drop in/drop out deal that many online games are, but a game where you give me a character and I weave them into what I've written. You and me as the players and GM work together to create a more enriched world. There are a few personal rules that I live my life with, and one such thing is being absolute honesty. I have diagnosed Autism, although thankfully it's more mild than my ADHD which is rather extreme. I will always weigh telling someone the truth, and being open about who I am to the people I interact with. No, this does not mean "tell it like it is" as though it's some rebuff to be able to be rude to individuals. Everyone should be treated with respect until they do something to lose that respect. Due to my code above, I will be honest and open now, even if it stunts my chances of getting players to join my game: I am a individual who's married to a deaf man. My politics are very left, Socialist, although not communist. I actually have read both economic theory and political theory, and have put my money, and my body where my mouth is. I am a veteran of the military, and my passions are teaching and party organizing (large form party organizing, like 100+ people and scheduling.). I adore stories, and writing most of all, and how they can make us feel things that were long since forgotten. I hope to be gaming with any of you soon.

GM style

I like to write stories with my players. I will always come forward with an intent and a story outline and theme written. Big plot points planned out, but I want my players to drive the action. And need to trust that they are on board with the story and adventure as well. I do prefer roleplay situations more than combat, but combat is something that can easily and readily facilitate roleplaying. Especially in systems like Pathfinder where it's designed around combat first and foremost. And I will make the best showcase of said combat systems in a strategic environment. One thing I am not, is an antagonist. I am a game master, here to facilitate fun and adventure for both me and the players. I don't want to go out of my way to kill players, but I also won't stop a player from dying due to a bad roll of the dice, or pushing too far in a combat where they should have run away. Finality in consequences brings out the most fun and emergent gameplay from everyone at the table. But I will never go out of my way to create such a scenario.

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