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About me

Hi there! I'm a game master for the past 3 years, player of many different TTRPGs for over 5 years, and a NPC of three opossums in a trench coat. I want to run a TTRPG for you and your friends to having fun while fantasizing a life you wish you had like no loans, killing giant spiders for their atrocities, befriending ever creature you come across, collecting shiny new weapons and cool clothes, thinking of the most ridiculous ways to con a monarch to fund your world tour of stab and grab antics, and more (puns and play on words included). If you think you would want to play, give me a message and we can see what mischief you and your friends can get up to while I, reluctantly but happily, facilitate your shenanigans.

GM style

I love to roleplay with my players, either with important NPCs (non-playable characters) or just regular NPCs that you may meet with on the street, in a shop, or in a tavern. I love to think how a PC (player characters) is viewed through the lens of the campaign setting, campaign politics, or possibly bonds the PCs may make with any NPC they may run into with a campaign. I try to make distinctive voices for each NPC and make it fun, interesting, or "fun to hate" a bad NPC that your players may grow to dislike (i.e. the BBEG, a greedy selfish noble, a hag with ulterior motives). I do enjoy making battles for my players, and I ask my players often how they want to describe their kills in their own way. What I strive for is to give my players the say in their role-play experience as much as they feel comfortable doing. I am the GM (game master), but you're writing this story as much as I am when you battle monsters and role-play with other players. In a weird metaphor, I am a baker and I give you the campaign "cake" recipe and ingredients. It is up to you how you bake and decorate this cake as much as myself. What the "cake" (campaign) turns into is one of the most fun parts of TTRPGs. Neither of us can exactly predict how the cake with look or taste, and that's the most fun part of TTRPGs. 


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