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About me

Hi, I'm Metal. I'm 31, and I have been GMing online since late 2017. However, my love for TTRPGs started in high school in 2005, playing 3.5e D&D and BESM. Then I played Pathfinder in college. As a result, I have gained a lot of experience GMing multiple systems and running various games. I respect honesty, respectful behaviour, and teamwork.

GM style

I'm pretty loose on the rules. I try to follow RAW as much as possible but often skirt past the rules for what makes sense in any given situation. I also have some homebrew rules for specific game systems. I run roleplay and combat equally for the most part, but I often have more fun in roleplay. I always try to bring an immersive experience with detailed maps, background music, and unique character voices. I always try to incorporate character backstories into the world and campaign. I don't respect the idea of ideal party composition. I want you to play what character you want to play; you don't NEED to have a healer in the party. I'll make healing items more readily available if no one can heal. So play what YOU want to play. Also, if what you want to play doesn't fall under any of the system's race/class options, I'll be glad to work with you and homebrew something that suits YOUR character.

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