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My campaign is not one for the weak hearted. There will be challenges, excitement, and strife. There will be battles for your very lives. Or for those more clever, an opportunity to outwit. I am a fair adjudicator for a world I've grown to know well. My personal background has included acting at renaissance faires and DMing for friends. I use voices for various NPCs and Foundry as a Virtual Table Top. I even have a varied playlist for background music depending on the situation. I push my players to RP to the best of their ability. As long as they are trying, I'm content. The goal is to allow the suspension of disbelief and full immersion into the world.

GM style

My GM style is adaptive. It depends what kind of players I take on. It's all about balancing the 3 pillars of DnD to the party's liking. Role play, exploration, combat. RP- I wont push too hard, but RP is 2/3 of RPG, so it's kinda important. Math. I like to run challenging campaigns that fully pull players into connecting with their characters. This includes developing tie-ins to backstories and opportunities for character development. Exploration- Using Foundry VTT, I can prepare a spread of maps and have them ready depending where the players decide to go. Included is dynamic lighting, which gives each player their own individual FOV to the battlefield. Combat- If you've never used a VTT before, you are missing out. With character sheet integration, each roll is just a click away. This helps with encounter pacing immensely giving each player more time to interact with the world. My whitelisted material: My homebrew rules: Player Guide to Foundry VTT: Warning: I do not tolerate trolls or munchkins at my tables. If I find you being one, you'll be confronted privately and asked to correct your behavior. Failure to do so will mean removal from the game.

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