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About me

Many years ago I had an idea that I was sure would make me popular, rich, popular, famous, popular... wait, did I just say popular multiple times? Oh right, you see I was a teenager at the time, so that checks out. That idea? What if you grabbed a couple friends and told a story together. One person could be... I don't know, the Storyteller? Referee? Something like that. They would tell the parts of the story that weren't the players. And the people who were the players could write down their character's information on a sheet of paper called... a character sheet! Oh! And dice! We could use dice to simulate some level of randomness. I worked feverishly on this idea the entire summer before my freshman year of high school, and proudly presented it to my friends there. "That's called Dungeons & Dragons you dumbass." I've been hooked on tabletop rpgs ever since, running them for a little over 25 years at this point! First with clumsy self designed systems, then moving into D&D 3rd edition, then quickly branching out into whatever tabletop rpg I could get my hands on. I've run many, many games at FLGS over the years, and one of my favorite things is introducing new players to this hobby. These days I mostly run games online, and have been doing so for more than a decade at this point. I also help run a small local LARP in my area once a month or so. I love worldbuilding and I spend a ton of time building up worlds for my players, and I'm looking forward having amazing adventures together with you!

GM style

First and foremost, my games are a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent folk. I fall into both of those categories myself. If you're new to tabletop gaming? Hop on in, I'm itching to help you create your first character. Shepherding new folk into the hobby is one of my favorite things. That being said, I try to ensure my games are enjoyable to everyone, regardless of skill level. I tend to prioritize roleplay, but that doesn't mean I shy away from combat. After all, I don't get all these mapmaking programs for nothing! When it comes to rules, they exist to help tell a good story. If the story is better served by bending or tweaking them, then I will do so - the rule of cool and all that. However I try to stay as close to them as possible unless there's a good reason. Session Zero- I love getting input from my players so we can make sure that we're telling the kind of story they're interested in. For example, if folk are wanting a game that has more combat or more roleplay, that's important to know before we get started! Safety Tools- I use Lines and Veils, and X-card mechanics. I find that having them makes everyone, including myself, feel more comfortable. Telling stories, especially doing so collaboratively brings me a lot of joy. I hope we can tell some great ones together!

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