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About me

The World Needs Heroes! Or villains, or ne'er-do-wells, or even you. The point is, the world's out-of-sorts, and hopefully, someone like you can sort it out. Hi, I'm Isaiah. I’ve been playing and GMing RPGs for about ten years, combining a love of the Fantasy genre with a real focus on player experience and rich, multifaceted player characters and NPCs. My goal is to run inclusive, friendly games, where everyone has a seat at the table, and where we can come together to create something truly special. When running games, I strive for player-centric stories at the table, supporting your richly developed PCs with interactive storytelling, digital handouts, and plenty of visual art and music to set the tone for an exciting, engaging, powerful adventure. Rather than favoring combat over roleplay or vice versa, I encourage fully merged storytelling at the table, weaving in opportunities for creative problem-solving and climactic character drama alongside both dynamic combats and engaging, fully acted roleplay. Sometimes, we're here to push the boundaries of collaborative storytelling. Sometimes we want to exploring our characters' intricacies and contradictions, to struggle with what it means to be a hero... And sometimes, Bonk the Barbarian wants to punch monsters. Regardless of playstyle or game system, the world needs heroes, and I'm thrilled to invite you to pull up a chair, grab some pretzels, and save the world.

GM style

My GM style is very player-centric. I'm here to offer a enjoyable experience to all players, and to this end, I have an unwavering expectation of respect to and for everyone at my table. Based on group preference, I'm available for any styles of game, whether one-shot or campaign, whether dramatic, goofy, or, (most frequently), somewhere in between. I love bringing new players into the world RPGs can offer, and I'm thrilled when experienced gamers come to my table, meaning you're welcome to reach out and play regardless of your level of experience. I've had just as much fun rolling in the dirt with Goblin-Pigs as I have in 20th level dragon-fights, so I truly believe there's space for every type of game and every type of gamer within larger adventures, depending only on group preference. It's entirely your choice if you want an epic power fantasy in which a 20th level party wars against the gods themselves, enlightened Jedi Knights command galactic clone armies against the CIS, or a party of farmhands and scullions defend their tiny village of Po-dunk against the raiding Boblin the Goblin. I can run either published adventures or homebrew games, always tailoring the game to the party, and allowing Player Characters to become part of that backstory and the driving force behind the plot. In terms of game systems, I'm familiar with D&D, Star Wars, Pathfinder, and many other RPGs, as well as a number of editions within those games, and I’m ALWAYS looking for an excuse to learn new systems, so if you’re interested in any game not listed below, please reach out, and we can take a stab at it together.

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