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Hail and Well Met! I am Mister Eager Dungeon Master at your service, and as the name implies, I am excited to begin our game. I provide a professional Dungeons & Dragons experience, emphasizing immersive description, high-caliber voice-acting and personalized character story-arcs. My three decades of stage-experience and gaming are at your disposal.

GM style

I work hard to craft sessions that make players feel the excitement of an epic fantasy adventure. I try to create memorable NPCs and character-driven interactions which reward immersive role-playing. I also try to create combats which reward outside-the-box thinking and strategy. My 30 years of stage experience allow me to draw upon a large cast of characters with distinct personalities and voices, making sure the tale we craft together has as much color and depth as possible. I am constantly striving to build/obtain the best battle maps for our games, filled with details and color that are far beyond a few lines drawn on a grid. I will work with you to weave a personal story-arc for your character into the greater story at play. I look forward to building our story! Your table awaits...


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