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About me

I am good at only three things: voice acting, writing stories, and being a DM. It's unfortunate for my taxes, but these are the things I find the most joy in doing. When I was sixteen I allowed a few friends of mine to let me run a terribly modded 3.5 game which ended with all of them becoming gods, and for the next ten years the stories have only gotten weirder. From interdimensional rules lawyer wizards, to the Fey Wild West, to Leon the talking cat God of the Fourth Wall, my games have always had an emphasis on exciting, funny stories with emotional cores. I bring my sound board, voice modulator, and acting talents to every game to ensure your wild cast of NPCs have their own lives and excitement. I'm always up for wild curve balls, if you are the party that says, "Let's steal from the Fantasy Louvre to get into the prison!" I have fantastic news for you: You're being chased by Gerry the dwarf who is only three days away from retirement. If you want a game that's wacky, but you just might find yourself a little sad when Gerry gets eaten by your pet gelatinous cube, then let me be the guy who helps you tell that story.

GM style

My games are heavy on story. My games aren't usually very combat heavy when it comes to D&D just because people tend to get lost in the numbers. In other systems like Blades in the Dark or Monster of the Week I'm more excited about it. The Fourth Wall is a mechanic not something to be ashamed of. Ultimately I try to make sure that everyone has a fun time, my games are always designed as wacky with a heartfelt twist.


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