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Matthew Paul

1 year on StartPlaying

44 games hosted

Highly rated for: Creativity, World Builder, Storytelling

Average response time: 4 hours

Response rate: 50%

About me

Long time London based DM and story teller. I've been imagining worlds and plots for my friends in the form of D&D for over 6 years now. I've enjoyed it so much that I've started writing an epic fantasy novel! Well, that's also partly due to the bars that I owned closing down due to Covid and Brexit. Now, being unemployed I have decided to put my time and effort into something I love even more than cocktails, NERD STUFF! So yeah, whilst I'm writing my epic fantasy novels I need to pay some of those annoying bills, so what better way to do that than bringing my worlds to life over the internet with new friends. My games are strictly over 18, they can get pretty wild. Story telling, role playing and fun are at the forefront. Epic battles, silly puzzles and problems to solve also feature. I'm semi serious with the rules, purely for a balancing, but i can often throw the rule book out if the game and the players are leaning that way. I've had enough experience with different styles of play that I can be malleable towards the players. I enjoy running games in my own worlds and I work with D&D 5e format. I do one-shots, mini, and long campaigns. They often feature quick level ups and home-brew items. Due to the high role play nature of my games generally have a cameras on rule. Anyway, hopefully get to play with you soon! Matthew Paul

GM style

Our games are story driven, they're my worlds but your characters and you can change the course of history. All my campaigns have a base story and train tracks with directions on, but you can jump off or change direction at any time. Your actions have consequences, the good and the bad. Your characters back stories will help me create a world more intriguing for you. I have home brew rules that suit my games. the most important: 0 hit points doesn't mean death, unless the damage dealer decides it does. It could mean someone is knocked out, they give up or they run away. (Also, drinking potions is a bonus action) I love a bit of combat as long as it is quick and or interesting. BBEG battles do finish off a campaign nicely. I love creativity and I love in party role play. I am not good at voices, I never have been but I try and make my characters intriguing and unique in different ways, normally just bad accents, sorry in advance.

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