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About me

Hey! I'm Mike, I've been a GM ever since I offered to run some games of Marvel Super Heroes at my elementary school in the 5th Grade way back in 1985! I'm big into narrative and adventure storytelling, with a particular emphasis on cinematic action. The joy for me in tabletop games is working together with the other players to craft fun and exciting tales out of the raw material the game systems give us. I've run or played everything from the classics (D&D, World of Darkness, Shadowrun) to the obscure (Big Mother****in' Crab Truckers, Buck Rogers in the XXV Century, Toon) to the contemporary (Blades in the Dark, Sentinel Comics, Monster of the Week). My current personal faves are Torg Eternity, Feng Shui, and Unknown Armies.

GM style

My style emphasizes narrative first, but usually with more crunch than purely rules lite systems. Genre emulation tends to be more important to me than getting bogged down in rules discussions. I sometimes use voices and accents, but clarity of communication is more important to me than method acting. Being able to joke about what's going on is important to me, even if the subject matter occasionally goes to dark places. I try to be inclusive and sensitive to players' comfort zones, and am open to frank and honest discussion of what we're all here for.

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