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About me

Hello adventurers, My name is Stelios, I am from Greece and I am a Dungeon Master since 2016. I like playing high magic and fantasy campaigns, I create homebrew worlds and I like playing the game with a 75% of heavy roleplay and the rest for combat, I try to balance it through session or have some sessions with 70% combat but I really focus on rp. I build my world with the players and their characters in mind. Which means that whenever a new campaign a.k.a. a story is started the world is enriched through the actions of the previous players and their stories. I like to play a lot of one-shots which are cannon to my world so your story is printed in the daily life of my world and it is ready to be explored by you with new characters or from entirely new players. I have been told that my playstyle is very diffirent and fresh, as I like to bypass a little the rules and give a whole new experience of cinematicness and epicness. I am waiting for you to join me in new adventures of chaos and high magic. Discord name: williamarchbalt

GM style

# Roleplaying Gm - I love roleplaying, so I change my voice for every npc and I act as they are trully alive. I want you to play into an "alive world" that is constantly evolving through your own adventures with me. I will roleplay a romance situation between a player and an npc or even have a text-based roleplay with such a player so I won't be stealing any time from the rest of the party for free. (I am talking about some serious rp with a valuable storywised romantic interest not any npc the players want to flirt with) #Maps - I am trying to offer a lot of maps and battlemaps to my players. It takes a lot of my private time but I want you to have fun. # House Rules: 1) I am not gonna write about "no racism etc" in my games, you know what it is right and what it isnt. Don't bring politics and correctness in my game. This is a fantasy world made far away of our world. It's a place where we can live something spectacular. So DON'T bring any of our bad habbits inside it. 2) I like to soften the rules a bit in favor of rp and a cinematic experience for my players. The rule of cool as you may know it but a bit different. What? You did not understand ? Then come in adventurer and see for youself. 3) Trust the Dungeon Master. I want my players to talk to me about any issue they have with the game, no Dm is perfect and we need you to show us what you like most. (ofc it must be something I am willing to do in my game but if you don't tell me you will never know). 4) You can try test material (classes,races,sybclasses etc) as long as I recognise them as well balanced. 5) Whatever happens in game stays on the table. I mean if you find yourself(character) into a community of rude berserkers and some of them talk to you like you are a worm or something(cause you are a tiefling for example) that doesn't mean that I, the Dm have any problem with you. It's part of game and it stays there. I would never insult any of my players. 6)NO INSULTS between players. You must be polite and have respect for me, my game, and most importantly the other players.


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