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About me

I'm a 28-year-old Dungeon Master with about five years of experience running multiple Dungeons and Dragons games for my friends. I've run an entire epic campaign over two years, at least two dozen official adventures and one-shots, and my eight-player playgroup is halfway done with its second campaign. I love to personalize my stories for my players and give them what they want from a game. Like to RP a whole session and not have combat, sure. Want a meat-grinder adventure with multiple combats every game? I got you. Unsure of what you want from D&D but want to try? I'll help you with every step. D&D is my passion, and I love to share it with anyone. I want my games to be a fun place where you have fun the way YOU want. Also, my table will always be a safe place for all LGBTQ persons and Persons of Color, and if you have a problem with that, you best look elsewhere. I'm also a big advocate for group table rules; if you don't feel comfortable having a topic or subject matter in your game, I will work with you to ensure it's handled respectfully or outright removed. This is your game, not mine.

GM style

I would like to think I'm a very flexible GM. I will really get into the roleplay, I like to think I'm good at voices I always give my NPCs a distinct speech pattern and do my best to make them feel memorable. I try to make combat challenging but not impossible when combat is appropriate. It all really depends on the group and what they want


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