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Mark of Elthos

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About me

I've been GMing my own Homebrew World(s) and RPG system named Elthos RPG since 1978. It's been absolutely fantastic running both long and short term games for countless players over the years. I am currently playing my new campaign "The Way of All Flesh", a Cosmic Sci-Fi World that explores the great themes of humanity's future in the galaxy, Super Artificial Intelligence, and the possibility of ancient and future alien races among us and around us. It's a fabulous setting and I'm really looking forward to exploring it further, with your help. I've been playing it locally with my friends since 2018, and it's been a blast. If you're into Sci-Fi with a classical-fantasy edge, you've come to the right place.

GM style

I craft Worlds that have a lot going on in the background awaiting discovery and driving events, but I leave it to the players to decide what they want to explore. I do not try to lead the players along a predetermined path, but allow things to develop naturally out of their experiences and interactions with the world and its cast of characters. I do like good role play, and try to emphasize that each NPC is an individual with their own personalities and motivations. I do not play to beat the players or "win" the game, but the NPCs most certainly will try to do so, if they are adversaries, so the game is filled with deadly challenges. Players are expected to play smart and thereby maximize their chances of success. I enjoy classical literature and science fiction so motifs from these sources tend to find their way into my games.


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