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Highly rated for: Creativity, Knows the Rules, Rule of Cool

About me

Marco of House Fiorino, the First of His Name, King of my dog and the TV remote, the Master of Dungeons, Protector of my Comic Book Collection, Writer of Scripts, and Player of Games. My House Rules: 1 Summoning spells from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything summon a creature of the caster’s choice who’s CR is equal to the spell level. This spell can be upcast to summon stronger creatures. 2 A flying creature cannot fly in medium or heavy armour and can only carry one creature of any size smaller than itself (mount rules). 3 Powerful build and similar abilities that increase carry capacity also increase the size of creature that you can grapple and the size of creature that can use you as a mount. 4 Any effect that enlarges a creature by one size category increases their damage die and lowers their AC by 2 points. 5 Any effect that reduces a creature by one size category decreases their damage die and raises their AC by 2 points. 6 With the Find Familiar Spell you can take other tiny creatures than the ones listed on the Find Familiar list. Talk with the DM about what creature you want. 7 Non-lethal damage must be declared before the attack is made. 8 A critical hit while dealing non-lethal damage counts as lethal. 9 On each level up you may increase an ability score by 1 point. Once three ability scores have reached 20, you may increase them above 20 with subsequent levels. 10 Berserker Barbarians ignore the effects of exhaustion while raging. 11 Battle Master Fighters can change their combat maneuvers during a long rest, just like how a wizard prepares their spells. 12 Monks have ki points equal to their proficiency bonus plus their monk level. 13 Multiclass minimums are not enforced. You can be an idiot wizard or a clumsy rogue if you want. 14 Claws function as Finesse Weapons.

GM style

I'm the kind of DM that loves to say YES. As long as what you are asking for isn't game-breaking or detrimental in some way to the other players, I'm all for it. I love to see my players engaging with each other in role play and I will always find ways to reward creativity and self-sacrifice in game.

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