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Kevin he/him

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Player for
10 years
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8 years
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2 games

About me

I've been playing for nearly 10 years in multiple systems, groups, and settings. As a DM, I've always prided myself on putting the player first. I enjoy setting up immersive, challenging, and most importantly, fun encounters and campaigns. Expect a lot of communication before we even start so I can tailor a game directly around the group's interest. Best way to get a hold of me is Discord ManySidedDie#7965

GM style

Roleplay-Encouraged but not necessary Combat- I try to keep it dynamic and not just a slugfest Voices- I'm not a professional voice actor but I will absolutely give the goblin a funny voice Railroading- If the party wants to investigate the wedding happening in town square and ignore the necromancer, that's fine, prepare to cry when they get to their vows Homebrew-Case by case approval Rule of Cool- I'm a sucker for rule of cool, if you wanna jump off a building to sink your axe in the neck of a crazed beast, sounds awesome, let's do it. Encumbrance- Never in my life will I count how many pounds you are carrying or how many arrows you have left.

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