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Maddt Kimmel

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About me

I love tabletop roleplaying games, and I love meeting new players. And if in your case "new" means "new to TTRPGs", I'm even more glad to meet you! I've been playing since the mid '80s, and this is a great time for the hobby. Welcome to it! I enjoy lots of genres and styles of game, but I also develop and maintain my own traditional fantasy setting. Every new campaign in this world, called Grenyss, is a new opportunity for me to further flesh out its geography, history, and culture, and now you know that worldbuilding is one of my favorite things about running tabletop games. I run an inclusive table, and I don't tolerate bad behavior. Likewise, any sort of belligerence, harassment, unwanted advances, and the like will make you quickly unwelcome, as will more game related issues like non-consensual PvP, metagaming, rules lawyering, and abuse of "but that's what my character would do". We're all here to have fun, and dangit, this is supposed to be a cooperative hobby, so let's just be decent humans at the game table, eh?

GM style

I definitely place a high value on storytelling and on the presentation of a vibrant setting, including the array of NPCs I get to populate it with. Roleplaying and exploration are definitely top tier motivations for me as a player and DM. I do like to include *at least* one or two interesting combat (or combat-like action) encounters per session, although a group that runs combat quickly can make it through more encounters in an evening's play. Regardless of a given table's play style, and before, after, between, and during combat, the plot marches ever forward, in a game world with independently occurring events and clear consequences for player decisions. Note that I support the Rule of Cool in principle, but I do not apply it as broadly as some DMs, or at least as some RPG memes would suggest is common among DMs out there. If I feel like something is sufficiently implausible - or just flat out ignores a pretty straightforward interpretation of a feature or a spell description - then the best I can do for you is let you waste your spell slots or whatnot to try the thing and then let you make some sort of check to find another way to approach what you're trying to do. Be creative, but be coherent. The less I have to bend the rules to make things make sense and stay fun, the better.

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