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About me

šŸ•°ļø Years of experience. (Not that it truly matters) šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆāš§ļø Inclusive GM šŸŽ­ Narrative GM style. šŸ“œ Incorporates player back stories. šŸ§› Horror storyteller (have a podcast and everything) šŸ¤” You'll get the funny (or creepy) voices! šŸŽ¼ Music and Ambience incorporation. šŸ“š Lover of many systems. šŸŒ± Loves teaching new players. šŸ–„ļø Can run on Fantasy Grounds, Alchemy, and Roll20, still learning Foundry. Hello! I'm a long time GM with far more products than I have time to run through with my core group. Which is, of course, where you come in! I'm eager to play numerous systems and settings, hell, even the 5e stuff I have access to would take years, if not decades, to get through with one group. My preferred VTT platforms are Fantasy Grounds for the rules integration (and sunk cost), and Alchemy RPG for the immersive qualities. I am also very familiar with Roll20, learning Foundry, and have access to a couple other VTT's I may try my hand at learning and running so long as I can ensure my players don't have to spend a dime. As a GM, I prefer a more narrative style of gaming, and like to incorporate player backstories into the homebrew games I run, though I'll weave them in to published campaigns as well. I also love to make the world come alive with an emphasis on the cultures of the setting. I do some voiceover work and come from a theater background, though while I am in no ways a dialect chameleon, I will happily barrage you with funny voices, accents of dubious quality, and dramatic turns. So come, let's tell some stories together! Regards, The Mad Catter P.S. I have a sweet hat and cute cats too.

GM style

Despite training my accents are rusty, but I am an experienced storyteller and I'm fond of a narrative style of play. While I'm certainly capable of sticking to the rules, I prefer a game that fits the theme and mood, as well as the character's stories, first and foremost. I strive for consistency, but am not afraid to try new things. I love to bring in music and soundscapes when possible but prefer to keep that a players option for immersion rather than a requirement as I understand that's not everyone's cup of tea.


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