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About me

I started playing D&D right after High School with my friends. I have been DMing ever since, and have been creating my own Homebrewed worlds and rulesets that long as well.

GM style

I've been playing this game we all love for the last twenty years. After my very first game as a player I started running games and became the default DM for every group I've been in ever since. I have always given a sandbox approach with multiple possible major arcs that depend entirely on the PC actions. I view my job as DM to be providing the culture and plot hooks, then adapt according to the players and their character decisions. I run high risk, high reward encounters with usually a single combat per session. Character Death is possible in any given adventure. I have multiple fleshed out worlds, but I always love it when a player brings their own regional ideas to the table or fills things in on the fly. I have always been a fan of collaborative storytelling and worldbuilding. I've provided the bones, and it is up to us as a group to give the world meat.


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