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About me

Well met! I'm Maatlock. (extra "a" because the Everquest2 username I wanted 15 years ago was taken!). Software engineer by trade and dungeon master by calling, I have 10+ years' experience running games, starting with D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder 1e, then moving on to Fifth Edition in the last five years. I didn't discover TTRPGs until my late 20s, but they've been a big part of my life ever since! Nothing beats stepping out of our real world for a bit and building a new one every now and again.

GM style

I love watching PC/NPC personalities grow organically over time as backstories, secrets, and motivations are revealed-- either over the long game or sparked in a moment of inspiration on the fly! At the end of the day, I view the roleplay as the soul of my worlds. Without it, those worlds are meaningless and hollow. I live for exciting moments at my table, and some of the most exciting are when PCs snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in the final moments. It's also great when the group has the upper hand and curb stomps the baddies after a carefully laid trap or devious plan! Here's the thing, though: I'll never manufacture those moments artificially. I don't fudge rolls, and nor do I work against my players at the table. The monsters do what they do, and the math rocks land where they may, and we go from there. Sometimes the best game moments arise from the unexpected, or even when everything falls apart! A lot of my D&D world building is rooted in the classic Forgotten Realms setting by Wizards of the Coast. That said, know that I put my own unique spin on whatever settings I run. While I love the medieval fantasy aesthetic, I'll also interweave elements of steampunk, magitech, sci-fi, and cosmic horror as well. I try to keep it familiar, but also fresh and exciting.

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