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About me

Hello heroes! My name is Lyzzi and I’m a Canadian American GM who specialises in fun, character driven stories! Thank you for considering me as your GM! My love for fantasy and storytelling was ingrained in me as a young child. I loved the idea of making up my own worlds and fantastic stories. That led me to theatre in high school which naturally led me to D&D 5E. I am very all-or-nothing, so three months after becoming a player I started running one-shots for people like me; fresh beginners. I run games for all types of players, from beginners to veteran players. If you’re nervous about playing or lack of knowledge, that is totally okay. I love teaching and helping everyone become confident in playing. No one is too new to the game. I focus on creativity and allowing players the freedom to make who they want and what choices they want in the game, so I’m heavily Rule of Cool. My background as an enthusiastic-almost-author and washed up theatre kid makes me adept in the art of improv and descriptions, so expect a vibrant, interactive world and GM who can keep up with your crazy shenanigans! Fantasy and high magic and magic-infused campaigns are a passion of mine and I put my heart and soul into each and every one of my games. I specialise in D&D 5E but I am actively learning other game systems, including Avatar Legends and Pathfinder 2E. If you want to play a system or a fandom-themed compatible version of D&D 5E (like Star Wars 5E or Wands and Wizards etc) that I don’t have currently listed let me know and we’ll play it! Hope to see you soon, adventurer! Take a bit of inspiration for your journey and have fun!

GM style

I love role play and making sure my worlds are fleshed out as much as possible. I spend hours writing lore, NPCs, homebrew classes and races, and more. I like embodying my NPCs with some fun character voices. I enjoy throwing fun combat at my players as well and try to make it as non-monotonous as possible. As full as I make my worlds, there is always room for player creativity in character creation and character choices. I love playing to a story -- especially player stories! Bring any ideas to me and I'll do my best to make it work!

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