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About me

Started playing D&D in the 80's with the Red Box Basic set. Over the years I've played all the Editions of D&D and tons of other RPG systems. I particularly love Rifts, Twillight 2000, Savage Worlds (multiple settings), and Hackmaster. I enjoy both experienced groups and teaching new players. I've introduced many new players into role playing over the years.

GM style

I like to run both homebrew and written adventures. I tend to let the players do and go where they want and know how to keep an adventure heading in the right direction without railroading players. I'm very good with adapting with the players and building a story together. Some of my favorite campaigns are the ones where the players "broke" the adventure and we ended up creating something new and fantastic. I believe in keeping with the rules, public rolls for the DM, and balanced players. I love watching characters and groups grow and improve. I try to advance characters quickly. To me one of the most fun parts of Role Playing is watching a character grow from Zero to Hero! I run challenging campaigns where there are always risks. Bad things can and will happen to your characters if you make bad decisions. My monsters and villains aren't stupid and will do their best to kill/harm/stop your party, which makes defeating them ever so much more fun.

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