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About me

I have been playing D&D for a little over 10 years, and I have spent most of that time as a DM. I have many stories, campaigns, and ideas for players. I am always happy to host a game, whether it is going to be a one shot, or a epic long campaign. I am mostly familiar with 3.5 and Pathfinder(1E, have not tried 2E), however I have been learning 5th edition, and I am capable of learning/doing other editions, including Starfinder! I prefer in person gaming, however online can be done as well. I have no preference to systems, as I have only ever used Discord. My availability is subject to change, so until I have that set in stone, feel free to ask! Worst I'll say is I can't. I work third shift, so I can even do late night escapades.

GM style

I love when people get into character. Not just voices, but how they react to a situation and all of that. Always remember, you're not always playing yourself, but the character you created. I have been known to have challenging, but fair combat that varies with the skills and experience of the players. I am generally laid back and easy to work with, so long as the players actually play the game. Not a fan of constant dinking around, although searching, shenanigans, and and off the wall actions are anything but shunned.


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