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About me

I'm a professional video game developer who's been playing TTRPGs since I was a teenager. Over the past few years I've thrown my passion and experience for organizing communities, managing experiences and writing interesting plots into becoming a Dungeon Master for a variety of friend groups, and I've enjoyed that so much that I want to offer that to other folks - and what better place to do it than StartPlaying! I run games that skew towards silly and satirical, with Terry Pratchett being a huge inspiration for the style of adventures that are likely to come up. If you want a game full of laughs, reach out and let's play!

GM style

My games are typically lighthearted adventures, I'm well equipped for shorter one-shot style games as well as longer campaigns. My view is if we're not all laughing as we play, something isn't working right. I'm used to (and comfortable with) running a table that includes newer or more seasoned players. The point is to have fun, not to be overly proscriptive - the Rule of Cool will always triumph whether that's working with a new player to help them translate what they want into the mechanics, or laughing about a new way an old player has found to exploit the system!

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