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About me

I grabbed my first TTRPG starter kit when I was eight, diving into games through middle and high school until rock' n roll took the spotlight. Post-rock stardom, I found the TTRPG scene had evolved massively, keeping my schedule jam-packed ever since. Nowadays, I helm the main story at The Misadventuring Party and host professional sessions at local conventions. My approach? Narrative-driven all the way. As a published author, my game mastering mirrors my storytelling—expect a mix of mystery and conflict, all tailored around your characters and their in-game actions. My top priority? Laughter. We're here for a good time, and it's all about fun. Keen on learning? I've been guiding newcomers through 5E for six years and can whip up light-rules games like Kids on Bikes, Honey Heist, and Lasers and Feelings in no time. I'm also itching to dive into new systems like Marvel Multiverse, Cowboy Bebop, VHS, and Everyday Heroes, to name just a few. I'm thrilled to join the TTRPG community and share my tales and thoughts with all of you! Let's get together, roll the dice, and set off on epic quests. Whether you're just stepping into the realm of tabletop gaming or you've been around the block, there's endlessly something new to uncover and enjoy in the vast universe of TTRPGs. So, pick up your character sheet, get those pencils ready, and prepare for an adventure unlike any other. The possibilities are endless.

GM style

So, I've been diving deep into this super story-driven and off-the-cuff way of running my D&D games. Lately, I've been getting a ton of inspo from cool shows like Dimension 20 and The Adventure Zone. Seriously, those shows are like a goldmine for fresh ideas and creative twists, and I've been mixing some of that magic into my own games. It's been a blast, and my players are all in for the ride. And, oh man, the fun part? I love tweaking adventures to fit exactly what my group digs. Like, we've had this '80s Horror Summer Camp run, a wild Fantasy Western, and even this quirky '70s Spy-Themed Ski Resort gig. All of these, I've somehow managed to fit into the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition framework. It just goes to show how awesome and flexible D&D can be with a little creativity. I kinda pride myself on being able to spin any idea into a game we can play. Mixing up genres, cooking up complex stories, or creating characters that stick with you— I'm all about pushing the envelope and making our tabletop sessions something my players won't forget. It's all about crafting those one-of-a-kind experiences.


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