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Ludus Dominus

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About me

I have been running and playing games since the late 1900's. TTRPG's provide an entertainment that will never be replaced and an experience which can not be found anywhere else. I try to be fair and my main mission is to make sure everyone is having as much fun as I am.

GM style

I like to run games with where the risk is real and actions have consequences. I prefer grit, suspense, and a sense of realism over super hero games where players run amuck. I don't have anything against those games I have just had my fill of them. To me, failure, danger, and repercussions are important and shouldn't be tossed out. I've just been playing a long time and I prefer roleplay and serious interactions over flights of fancy. Also the more loose and free the fantasy, the more things tend to unravel and become wild and chaotic. Which doesn't work for a story. Players will quit caring about the princess who needs rescuing if they can just take the villains spot and get rich and powerful doing it. I'm always working on my craft as a DM/GM as there is always room for improvement. I find my accountability for my mistakes and actions my most defining quality as a game master. I love doing voices even if I'm having trouble holding on to a particular one. I still push for it. Because its so much fun for me and I want my players to feel like their encounters are more real even if its just a glimpse and i welcome my players to do the same with cheer and merriment. I love when my players join in even just trying, and I feel people are more open to continue to try and roleplay and be the character when you put forth the same effort and make them feel welcomed in their efforts. I believe myself to be a just and fair game master and have zero problems admitting when I'm wrong or working with others to come to a place where everyone is happy. I am at my best when I know my players are truly enjoying themselves and that's why I love running games. I am most grateful when my players feel and believe they are able to come to me with a problem because they know it will be resolved with everyone's interests equally in hand and that their needs will be met honestly and with a kind heart. I've worked hard to learn how to keep a story moving, give players as much agency as possible and to avoid railroad behavior as well as how to funnel everything in the correct direction story wise without making the players feel like they are being pushed in to a cattle car to get them where they need to go for story purposes. It's not just my game or story. It's our game and our story. Though I'm weaving the fabric I don't want them knowing the strings are being spun together I want them just on the edge of the tapestry as it rolls off from the loom.


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