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About me

Hi! My name is Geo I’m a 43 year old DM, starting out with the first mega RPG wave of the 80s with the Red Box Basic D&D set. It quickly escalated and everyone in our grammar school played, trying more and more game systems. Since the early 90s, I've been helping friends and newly met people alike weave fantastic tales across worlds of wonder as they encounter uncanny creatures and recover forgotten artifacts. I am passionate at working with new players, and helping introduce them to the hobby that has been so exciting and such a creative outlet to me. I love to increase player's knowledge through patient exemplary in game playing. And there are no questions too mundane or too silly. I worked for a short time with Jimmy Diggs a writer for Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Voyager on a Steampunk Story and Film project. I have played a couple sessions with Shane Hensley designer of Savage Worlds. I have written several short stories and one Novella with more in progress, and designed 1 RPG World setting and 3 board games...And designing RPG products as we speak. A paid DM who works their butt off to provide a professional experience with memorable moments, far beyond your average RPG experience. For several years I have been focusing on running games for single players, duet 1 to 1 campaigns and for 2 players. I have become highly attuned to the building and presentation of fully realized game worlds and characters. Using many years of gaming, writing and public speaking experience combined with 1 to 1 and small party gaming tools I can bring any Saga to life! All experience levels are welcome, I already taught newbies all the way up to GM’s on my days in the past. Feedback is important for me so at the end of every table I ask my players if there was anything they wanted, what they felt it lacked and how was the overall narrative. I’m flexible to each group and try to adapt to both their pace and style. Feel free to contact me with questions and ideas. My discord server is feel free to join and discuss gaming. Thanks.

GM style

I always prioritize evoking a sense of wonder first and foremost. This is the feeling one got when they first saw a film like Star Wars, or read The Lord of the Rings. I work hard to make the most aspects of each game an exciting, fun or thrilling, immersive quest of our imaginations and of testing what is possible to conceive. I emphasize roleplay, but love exploration, discovery, intrigue, great social dynamics-even character social tactics, sensible puzzles, tactical combat if the players want, sometimes strategy. I like to use the theater of the mind and show others how fun that is. Yet I do run combat heavy modules and I’m up to do so. I prefer to keep an eye on the player experience. If they're not having fun, I always approach them in private to ask what I could change for the game to be better for them. I can do all Theater of the Mind or VTTs, very versatile style-wise. Additionally I have been running some games with a 3D virtual tabletop called Talespire, and have used Tabletop Simulator as well. I will be using Scenegrinder and One More Multiverse in 2023 as well.

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