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About me

Hey there! I'm Louis (He/Him), an Australian university student learning about history, philosophy, and creative writing. I've been a DM since I was 15 years old and loved it ever since. I first got into the hobby with 5th edition when my friends and I wanted to play D&D and I drew the short straw, which I think was one of the luckiest moments of my life. I've run games for all types of players, and specialize in high level play. If you want a mix of deep story and tactical combat, with a dash of exploration sprinkled in there, I'm your man. I'm a proud LGBTQ+ ally, and strive to create a space where all players can feel comfortable expressing their identity.

GM style

My perfect kind of game is one that tells a character-focused story through the system's mechanics. One that has a developed, rich world with compelling characters and exciting adventures, while also inspiring me to really use the system to its fullest. Since that's what I love as a player, that's what I run as DM too! Here's how: The story comes first. I want NPCs to feel real, and engage with characters in a way that feels natural: voices, mannerisms, and dastardly secrets. A close second is the mechanics. To me, the system we play in is another vehicle for storytelling, and as such I work *with* it, not against it. Combats are crunchy, and sometimes very dangerous, but always real. I roll in the open, which means no fudging for or against my players: the dice fall where they may. After that, comes exploration, travelling across an enchanted jungle with danger lurking at every corner, delving into hell itself, and even walking among the stars, I use exploration for spectacle, an opportunity to show off your characters and their place in a wide, wide world. I absolutely adore high-stakes, high-level play. I've run games from levels 1-20, but level 11 and up is where I really shine. Ever had a high level character concept in mind and want to try it out in a campaign that will take it seriously? My campaigns intend to do exactly that. Play your wizards who own a school of magic, or your world-famous celebrity bards, or even the secretive political puppeteer of a rogue. Big numbers, sure, but even bigger stakes await, and in these lofty heights of power, the villains play for keeps.

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